Computer Setup and Configuration

computer-setup-and-configurationSo you just got a new computer. Or maybe you just replaced that old computer with another and all of your data is still on the old computer. Maybe you upgraded to a newer operating system, or just have never been satisfied with the way your computer was configured in the first place.

Not to worry because at Intelligent Solutions, we are specialists at getting you set up so the computer is no longer a burden but a tool that works for you. We can migrate the data from your old computer to the new one, organize the data in your existing computer, and show you simple tricks that will make you more efficient and happy to have that machine around.

close-up of human hand business man using tablet compuer at office

If you are stressed about using the computer, if you have “paralysis of analysis” meaning everytime you try to learn something you get scared or nervous, let Intelligent Solutions calm that situation down and put you in control. ¬†We are experts at helping the computer help you, and we are excellent patient teachers. It is one of the things we love to do most.
Computer setup and configuration, teaching and tutoring is what we do. Let us help take the stress out of your life.