How To Become More Efficient Part 1

Do you use your computer to it’s fullest potential, or is it more of a glorified, word processor and email reader?

Sadly, most people do not take advantage of the many areas where smart computing can save them time and headaches. When used properly, your computer should save you a lot of time and enable you to make better decisions. Intelligent Solutions can advise and help you realize ways to use your computer to work faster and more efficiently. This all translates to more production with less effort.  Here is one example:

Email And Electronic Data Storage
Did you ever have to look for a receipt from a purchase you made say a year or two ago? For most people, this is a difficult to impossible task. Either the receipt has been lost, thrown away, or filed at a different location.
What about sales reports, check registers, and the like? Anything preserved on paper has two distinct disadvantages. It takes up physical space, and is not readily accessable.

Perhaps the greatest key factor in improving productivity and accessability to data is to create an electronic office.

Let me repeat that…

Perhaps the greatest key factor in improving productivity and accessability to data is to create an electronic office!

Eliminating paper is the best thing you can do to become more efficient at work, home, in your business, or personal life. Here are just a few reasons why:

Electronic data is designed to be sent or received from any location in the world. Your data is always available to you.
Electronic data can be sent or received instantly. There is no delay trying to track down paper.
Electronic data is portable. You can make copies of it for backup purposes or to take with you on a trip. In fact, if you have a website or email, you can create folders to house the data so that your information is never further away from you than a computer that is connected to the Internet!
Electronic data can be seen by multiple  people without the need of a copy machine.

Storage of electronic data  is simple and can be put on hard drives, floppy discs, or flash drives instead of bulky filing cabinets.

Electronic data saves hundreds of dollars in printing cartridges, reams of paper, and expensive copy or fax machines.

With email, your “paper trail” is automatically documented with each reply.

With an electronic office, your decisions can be made faster and more accurately because you and your correspondents always have up to date information.

Changing to an electronic office may seem a daunting task. It’s not!  Let Joe Genius guide and streamline the process for you!

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