Eliminate Downtime

How Long Would It Take To Bring the Computer You Repair, Or The New One You Purchased, Back To The Same State It Was Before It Crashed?

Let’s explore a common scenario:

You have been very good about backing up your data. You backed it up to DVD, CD ROM or a flash drive. Your data is safe and up to date.

However, one morning you go into your office, turn on the computer and see one of the following errors:

• The screen is all black with a flashing cursor.
• The screen says, “Operating system not found.”
• The computer is completely dead.
• The computer screen is all blue with a full screen of text (Blue Screen of Death).
• You have been hit by a virus.
• Your computer is running horrifically slow.
• Your computer keeps freezing up.

What do you do? First you would probably reboot the computer a few times hoping that it would magically start working again. If that did not work and you have accurately backed up your data you would probably decide to follow one of these three scenarios

1. Try and fix it yourself.
2. Send it out for repair.
3. Buy an entirely new computer.

In most cases, none of these options are good options. If you are a personal user, any of these options may be viable. However if you are a business user your productivity and potential flow of money has been halted to varying degrees. Optimally the best solution would be to magically punch a few buttons and be exactly where you were before the catastrophe.

If you bought a name brand computer you might be able to use the restore disk that came with your computer when you bought it. The problem is that this disk (if you can find it) will restore the computer to the state it was in when it came out of the box! All of your custom settings ie: wallpaper, screensaver,  directory structure, and any data you did not save properly will be written over by the restore disk. Any programs you installed after you bought the computer will be lost! And any updates! You then would need to re-install all of these programs, many which may require unlock keys or license codes. Again, this translates to time lost which is money and potential hours of headaches. If you decide to send the computer out for repair, most likely the repair center will be unable to save the custom setup of your computer and you will end up with a generic installation. Again, all of your settings and data are gone.

There is a better more Intelligent Solution…

Intelligent Solutions Custom System Restore Disc

At Intelligent Solutions, in addition to creating a automated custom data backup strategies for your data, we are also able to create a custom restore disk that will bring your computer and your programs back to exactly the way they were before the trouble began.

You may ask, “How do you do it without writing over my data?”

If you read our section on data backup strategies you will realize that we would have moved all of your data to a separate directory. In the case of creating a custom system restore disk, Intelligent Solutions will also move your data to a completely different hard drive. By doing this, all data is no longer present on your system drive that stores your operating system.

The only things present on the system drive now are the operating system and all of your installed custom programs. Restoring the system now using a disk we have created from this system drive will no longer write over your data, as your data is housed on another drive! Your data remains up to date and your system can be restored in less than one hour. In addition, Intelligent Solutions makes the process simple. Just reboot the computer with the restore disk in the computer  then go get a cup of coffee. In less than one hour with no user intervention you will be returned back to work.

Note: This restore procedure assumes that there is nothing physically wrong with the computer i.e. hard drive failure. In the event of a hardware failure, the computer hardware must be repaired or replaced first before beginning the restore operation. Intelligent Solutions also provides hardware repair on site. In the event that you purchase a new computer instead of fixing the old computer the restore disk might have to be modified or re-created.

To summarize, Intelligent Solutions System Restore Disc provides the following:

• Re-location of all user data off of the system drive
• Backup of all user data
• Creation of a custom unattended restore disk
• Hardware repair if necessary
• Configuration of a new computer and new system  restore disc

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