System Restore Disc

At Intelligent Solutions, in addition to creating  automated custom data backup strategies for your data, we are also able to create a custom restore disk that will bring your computer and your programs back to exactly the way they were before the trouble began without writing over any of your data.

Intelligent Solutions will accomplishes this by moving your data to a completely different hard drive. By doing this, all data is no longer present on your system drive that stores your operating system.

All that is present on the system drive now are the operating system and all of your installed  programs. Restoring the system now using a disk we have created from this system drive will no longer write over your data. Your data remains up to date and your system can be restored to working order in minutes!.
In addition, Intelligent Solutions makes the process simple. Just turn off the computer, Insert the restore disk in the computer, then the computer  back on. In moments, you will be returned back to work as if nothing happened.

Note: Intelligent Solutions also provides hardware repair on site.