Video Montage Creation

Are you looking to create a memory? Perhaps a tribute? Maybe it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary..any special occasion? Are you planning a special event where you need a presentation, or would you just like a easy convenient way to visit your memories?

Throughout the years you have probably taken hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures. Nowadays most of these pictures are digital but there are probably years worth of pictures that were taken on film and printed.

Digital or film, special occasion or not…ask yourself:  How often do you look at these? The answer is probably rarely.

This is usually due to the inconvenience of taking them out or having a good place to display them. How nice would it be to be able to casually look at these whenever you wanted?

Intelligent Solutions approaches these questions by digitizing your film photos for you. Once digitized, they are available:

Icon for film scanner. White background. Vector illustration.


  • On  your cell phone or tablet
  • On your computer
  • On social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or You Tube
  • On photo sharing sites like Google’s Picasa Web Albums
  • On digital picture frames

In addition, Intelligent Solutions can make a custom Video Montage for you with the music of your choice. This way you can see hundreds of pictures, nicely organized in a theme that  you picked which you can view at anytime!

Special occasion or just a box full of memories,
At Intelligent Solutions, we can:

  • Scan your paper photos into a digital format
  • Touch up and drastically improve the color and brightness of that photograph
  • Create a Video Montage of a group of pictures put to music
  • Post your creations to the cloud so that you can view them at anytime.

At Intelligent Solutions, we specialize in moving you emotionally. Letting you easily go back to the past and enjoy the pictures you have taken without having to lug out a photo album. And, if you want to send them to a Uncle, Aunt or Grandparent, it is as easy as sending them a link or emailing them the picture.

Check out some of these Video Montage Samples