Windows 10 Automatic Upgrade

Microsoft has pulled a real sneaky move.
In an attempt to force users to move to Windows 10 they have included it in two days ago as a automatic update to Windows instead of a optional update. If you are not aware and your computer is set to install updates automatically you may wake up one morning and see that you are now on Windows 10.
At this point Windows 10 is a nice product which works well however it must be setup properly or you will have a tough time getting used to it.
The idea behind Microsoft providing a free upgrade is that Windows 10 trys to default you into saving all of your data in the cloud. This and Office 365 which is their Microsoft Office leasing program for people that do not own Microsof Office is the way they intend to make money.
While all of these services are good and high quality, I have a problem with the way this is being handled and have concern that users will set up their computer incorrectly. It is harder to undo this once it is done but not impossible.
If you inadvertently have been moved to Windows 10 and wish to stay on Windows 7 you can go back to Windows 7 for a month by going to:
Start>Settings>Update and Security>Recovery and selecting
“Go Back To Windows 7”
If you prefer to go to Windows 10 and are eligible, you may want assistance in order to get it setup properly. Feel free to email dan [at] answermandan [dot] com

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