Windows Tip: Jump Lists

In todays Windows tip we talk about a feature few people know about in Windows 7 and Windows 10….Jump lists

Windows remembers where you have been. Simply right click on an icon in the task bar (the bar on the bottom of your screen where you launch programs and you will be presented with three separate sections:
Jump List

  • Pinned lists
  • Recent Programs
  • Tasks

Recent Items

Recent items are items you have recently opened such as documents you may have been working on or web pages you may have gone to recently. This action is automatically filled in by windows.

Pinned Items

You can pin a item on the jump list by holding your mouse to the right of the item. A “pin” will appear. If you left click on the pin, the item will then be listed in the Pinned section and always be available.jumplistpinned


The bottom most section of the jump list allows you to:

  1. Start a second instance of a program. For example, you may want another instance Microsoft Word running at the same time as the original. =Simply right click on the Word icon and select Microsoft Word a second time. You can also close Word by selecting “Close Window”.

In our next tip, we will talk about how to increase the size of the jump lists so that you can store more pinned items.

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