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You’ve found the best computer repair service in San Marcos, CA.  Intelligent Solutions is the #1 choice for all your computer repair and troubleshooting needs in San Marcos, California and the North County San Diego region of Southern California. Our highly trained staff of experienced and knowledgeable computer technicians is ready to help you with any computer or network issues in your home or office that you’re facing! We are a full service computer repair company skilled in virus and malware removal and protection, computer setup and configuration, home or office network setup and troubleshooting, virtual office setup, cloud computing, paperless office setup and data backup and automation. We can pretty much do it all!

In addition to resolving your computer repair and I.T. needs, we have a professional video editing expert on staff that also is the best resource around for setting up a home theatre or surround sound system. Like we said, FULL SERVICE professional San Marcos computer repair and I.T. company!

Our goal at Intelligent Solutions in San Marcos is enhance your technological experience as much as possible. We understand how frustrating laptops and desktops can be at times. Accidental clicks, downloads or unintended phishing emails opened on your computer flooding your system with a virus, malware or spyware is not your fault. There are a lot of people out there looking to take advantage of you, BUT not to worry. The trusted professionals at Intelligent Solutions are here to help! We’ll take an aggressive approach to remove those harmful viruses immediately. Not only that, we’ll install several safety precautions for future long term preventative computer protection.

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Intelligent Solutions, San Marcos CA’s Superior Computer Repair and Information Technology (I.T.) Service experts!  

 Intelligent Solutions provides the following ON SITE services:

Repair of a computer

Computer Repair & Configuration


New Computer Setup

Mac Repair

Mac Repair

Virus & Malware Removal

Virus & Malware Removal

Cell Phone & Tablet Integration

Cell Phone & Tablet Integration


Office & Network Setup


Office Automation & Paperless Office

Computer, Tablet Cell Phone Tutoring

Computer, Tablet, Cell Phone Tutoring

Data Backup

Cloud Computing


Video Montage



Sonos Multi-Room Audio


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Mobile & Remote Computer Repair Service – We understand you’re busy and dropping off your computer at a store is the last thing you want to fit in to your already cramped schedule. Here’s why we stand apart. We come to you! Intelligent Solutions is a completely mobile on-site computer repair service. We service clients throughout San Marcos and North County San Diego. We don’t you to take any more extra time out of your busy schedule getting your computer or IT needs fixed that you have to. We are very flexible and will accommodate your schedule, set up a time that’s convenient for you and be there promptly. There are also occasions where one of our computer repair specialists can remotely access and your computer, laptop, PC or Apple machine.

Virus & Malware Removal & Protection – Your private information is extremely valuable and it in your best interest to protect it as much as possible. Even in smaller suburb cities like San Marcos, the internet knows no borders. We’re all a hotspot away from being an attack on our personal identity and personal information. Not all viruses are created equal. Each one is unique and requires a specific method of removal to ensure all of your data hasn’t been compromised. Your system’s ability to operate efficiently can also be effected. Malware and Spyware isn’t always intended to steal your information for financial gain, but even harmless tracking programs used for marketing to consumers can be a pain. Ever wonder why when you’re surfing the web, the same websites and ads pop up? That’s retargeting software that can be removed. At Intelligent Solutions in San Marcos, we can install software to combat those pesky re-targeting schemes so you can get back to browsing without being bombarded by products and services.

San Marcos PC & MAC Computer Repair – Our professional technicians are unmatched in San Marcos and in all of North County in their expertise and knowledge of any type of operating system. While Apple computers don’t face nearly as many threats as the PC systems do, they still break down. We’re proficient in both. Whether you’re unable to turn your system on, connect to a wireless network or perform regular automated backup, we’ll evaluate your computer issue and have a resolution or recommendation right on the spot.

Proven Leader in San Marcos for Computer Repair Quality – With Intelligent solutions, you won’t need to keep repeatedly calling our technicians time and time again to fix your computer. We’re in it for the long haul by efficiently evaluating your computer repair needs, developing a long term strategy for minimal continued maintenance, we believe that you should be able to work at what you do best without having to be a computer geek or savvy with technology.

Highest Quality Computer Service San Marcos – We believe that time is money. We believe that productivity is money. We believe that you that you are the most productive when you’re allowed to focus on serving your customers, not the perils of technology. You stick to what you’re the best at and let the experts at Intelligent Solutions fix all your computer, network, and infrastructure issues.

Convenient On-Site Computer Troubleshooting Service – Doesn’t it just seem to be that it’s in the most inopportune times that our electronic devices start to break down or malfunction? That’s where Intelligent Solutions is unmatched in customer service. We are there when you need us the most! On-call just about 24/7, for all your computer problems that arise throughout the day and night. If you’re office network with experiencing issues connecting to printers, faxes, scanners, we can handle that. Many software updates occur during the evening and we’re there to stand by and ensure everything goes smoothly, after or before hours.

Allow us, San Marcos California’s and best most trusted team of technology professionals to relieve your businesses burdens so you can continue providing stream less support and service to your clients and customers.


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At Intelligent Solutions,  we believe that you should be able to work at what you do best without being a computer geek or a technologist.

We believe that time is money and productivity is money.

We believe that you are the most productive when you are allowed to focus on your occupation, not on the perils and pitfalls of technology.

Allow us, to take the technology burden from you so that you can simply concentrate on what you do best!

Intelligent Solutions in San Marcos, CA is the absolute best for ALL Computer Repairs and Information Technology Needs in North County San Diego.

Next time you type in “Computer Repair Near Me” when you’re searching be sure find Intelligent Solutions. Nobody fixes computers and networks as good as we do!

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