Paperless Office

Electronic data can have many benefits over paper including:

  • Savings on paper
  • Savings on ink
  • Instant delivery across thousands of miles to multiple people in seconds (Email)
  • Instant access and organization
  • Space savings
  • Easy to backup and store

Now consider the electronic paperless office. Most data electronic. Instantly accessible from your computer, tablet, even your cell phone. Instantly transmittable to someone else. A significant savings on paper and ink. In effect, all your information wherever you need it. And…if you need a paper copy then you just print it!

Intelligent Solutions is not just a computer or I.T. company. We specialize in making your life easier.  We are pros at creating the electronic office. We understand your caution and nervousness but we also can see the absolute delight you will have after successfully converting part or all of your business from paper to electronic data. And not to worry about losing the data, because Intelligent Solutions  always sets you up with multiple backups for your data. Redundancy. That is the key word. With redundancy you have no worries about ever losing your data which if you really think about it is a lot more than you can say about that one copy of paper.

Get to your data faster and from anywhere painlessly. We can show you how. It’s easy, and believe it or not, it does not take that much time to setup. Before you know it  you will be reaping the benefits in savings of paper, ink, time storage and convenience!