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Computer Support For Accountants


Time Is Money

You are an accountant. You work with numbers, profit and loss reports and ever changing tax laws.

It’s your job to keep up with the latest IRS rules, represent your clients and dozens of other important responsibilities.

 It’s what you do. 


We Do The Work So You Can Do The Math

At Intelligent Solutions, we believe it is very important for you to be able to just

“Do what you do best”

As a matter of fact, that is one of our favorite expressions:

“Just do what you do and do well. Let us do what we do…allow you to perform your job, the job you are the best at.”

We don’t want to be accountants, and you don’t want to be an I.T. person. You just want to be able to work at the job you know best without distractions and problems.”


Don't Go It Alone


As an accountant, you don’t want or need to be spending your time figuring out why your computer will not always work the way you want it to.

  • Why that upgrade to Drake or Lacerte is not working properly.
  • Why your Quickbooks file got corrupted.
  • Whether or not your client data is safe and backed up and what you might do if you lost it.
  •  Why the conversion or migration of last year’s data is not going as planned. Where that tax return from 2008 disappeared to and whether or not your files are being properly backed up.


We Are Here To Help


Intelligent Solutions has years of experience helping accountants. We are experts at Lacerte, Drake and Quickbooks. We can manage not only the software that runs on your computers but the computers and the network as well. We can look at your office, computers and network and help you become more efficient.


Bye Bye Headaches

Help us Help you by taking away roadblocks and barriers that are making you simply work too hard by:

  • Fixing that slow computer or replacing it with a faster one designed to work specifically for your industry
  • Create or improve a network if you are a business that uses multiple employees
  • Designing a central point of storage for your data
  • Integrate remote access to your office via your laptop, home computer or cell phone
  • Integrating cloud solutions.
  • Adding multiple monitors so that you can multi-task easier

These are just a few of the many possibilities we have to offer