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About the Owner

Dan "AnswerManDan" Pastel


"AnswerManDan" is really Daniel Pastel, owner and operator of Intelligent Solutions, a company specializing in computing, electronics and technology.

Dan has over 30 years’ experience in electronics and over 20 years in Computer & I.T.  Technology

That’s a lot of experience!

An honor student at Edison Technical Institute, Dan graduated with two degree’s, one as an Electronic & Digital Technician and the other as a Radio & Television Service Technician.

Starting out in the television field, Dan quickly became the field service manager for a greater Los Angeles service company in charge of repairing Television and Audio equipment for people such as:

Sammy Davis Jr.
Peter Lawford
Michael Jackson
John Travolta
Richard Crenna
Richard Dreyfus
Universal Studios

Just to name a few!


Industrial Video & Security Systems

 Following this, Dan worked for an industrial video and security repair company configuring and repairing video surveillance, security systems, industrial video editing systems, medical equipment and batting practice slow motion (slo-mo)  devices for the Los Angeles Dodgers 


Broadcast Video

 Having mastered  industrial video, Dan moved to San Diego CA and worked for Western Video, a broadcast level video production studio where he was responsible for maintenance and repair of broadcast video cameras and video editing suites. Dan was also responsible for repair and maintenance  of several video broadcast remote trucks where he would perform on site repair of camera equipment and video switchers during live sporting events. 


Captain Video IN HOME TV Repair

 In 1984, Dan decided to open up his own repair company, Captain Video IN HOME TV Repair and became the first and only company to repair big screen television sets down to component level in the customers home! From 1984-2005 Captain Video was twice named the number one service center in the Western United States by Pioneer electronics.  

In 1994, Dan began his foray into computers and networking by automating his entire company with a custom service program co-written by himself and Westview Information Systems.  By 1997, the entire company became paperless boasting a 9 computer network and custom written software, which dropped the need for 3 office employees down to 1 person that was able to run the entire office.

Intelligent Solutions


With a great crew and total automation at Captain Video, Dan then started his current company           Intelligent Solutions.

Intelligent Solutions uses computer automation and technology to allow companies to work more effectively and efficiently. One of Dan’s first customers was the Automated People Connection (APC). Here Dan created a custom dating application for single people wanting to meet others that shared similar interests. Today, APC is still running in systems across the country connecting people together with similar interests and desires.

there is no doubt that Dan can help you work smarter and more productively, while also keeping your computers and your network up and running. Dan creates custom backup and restore technologies designed specifically for each customer to make sure that you never lose data and that your computers are always up and running. Downtime is essentially eliminated.