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Office Computer Setup & Networking


  Used to be that setting up an office involved buying a few desks, filing cabinets and a water cooler. Now all of that simplicity has changed. Instead of filing cabinets we have computers very often networked together “talking” to each other. Filing cabinets have been replaced with hard drives. Really the only element that is the same is that water cooler.   With technology such a prevalent part of the workplace you must be up to date and set up properly to succeed. You need to know where your data is, and that it is accessable to whoever needs it while still allowing it to be protected from the wrong people.  


Efficiency Experts!

 Intelligent Solutions can help you with your office and network setup. We can design a new system, or work with your existing system to make certain that it is secure and efficient. We come to your office, talk to you  and watch you work while we take notes and analyze your business. We can design and implement a plan which will give you the quickest access to your data in the most organized fashion. We can look at multi-step processes and help coordinate with you a better more efficient way. We are the efficiency experts!