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Computer Backup Strategies


What Would You Do If You Lost All Of Your Data?

 In this day and age, data is everything to the business owner. Data stored on your computer can be anything from billing invoices, legal documents, checkbooks, appointment calendars, email correspondences, email addresses and more!

Losing any or all of that data can be devastating to a business. Imagine, for example, if you no longer had any record of who owed you money? In some cases, it is possible to go through paper records to re-construct and re-enter data, but this takes time, is inconvenient, unplanned, and costs money in wasted labor and lost production. Additionally, if you are unable to retrieve the data, or your paper trail is incomplete, you could potentially damage your business and income flow substantially and permanently!


It's Only A Matter of Time

 Loss of your data could come in any variety of ways:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • File corruption or virus

The last two possibilities are very common in today’s business world, and the smart business owner will realize that it is only a matter of time before something above or similar might happen to them.

Unfortunately, because data backup is not automated, few business owners get into a good habit of backing up their data until a catastrophe occurs and all data is lost. These same business owners then become very concerned about having a data backup scenario having gone through the headaches of trying to recover their data unsuccessfully.

There is a much more Intelligent Solution


Intelligent Solutions Data Backup Strategies

Intelligent Solutions can provide you with multiple layers of logical, easy and automated backup prevention. Our backup formula insures that you will not accidentally forget to backup data, or neglect critical pieces of data that might be buried deep in the file structure of the computer IE  address books, Favorites etc. The setup of your customized backup is a one time process.

Intelligent Solutions can: Centralize all data to a custom root data directory

  • Create automatic timed backups that occur daily
  • Create redundant copies of data on removable flash drives,   secondary hard drives, or file servers.
  • Setup  online backup
  • Creation of optional manual backup routines that can be accessed instantly from the desktop. (This is particularly useful when you are working on a large project all day and your scheduled backup may not set to run until the evening)

Computer Operating System Backup & Recovery


Not IF But WHEN...

There is an old saying in the computer biz. "It's not IF it will crash but WHEN"

Sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where your computer is crashing or failing to load the operating system.

It could be due to a update that did not install correctly, incompatible software, a virus or a problem with your harddrive.

Many times, it is necessary to reinstall everything from scratch. That means all of your customizations and software such as Office, Acrobat, or any custom business software will need to be reinstalled.  in most cases you will need to download the software programs and enter the product codes or licenses that were assigned to your computer when you installed the software. If you do not have a backup your could be in for hours to days of re-installation. Getting the computer back to the way you liked it could take weeks of tweaking.


Backup & Restore Your Mac or Windows OS

At Intelligent Solutions, in addition to creating  automated custom data backup strategies for your data, we are also able to create a custom restore disk that will bring your computer and your programs back to exactly the way they were before the trouble began without writing over any of your data. Your computer is restored to exactly the way it was before you had a problem with all settings including email intact. You are ready to go in minutes instead of days


Custom & Mission Critical Computers

 Intelligent Solutions can build or modify existing computers so that your downtime is only as long as it takes you to reboot your computer. This is accomplished by moving your data to a completely different hard drive. By doing this, all data is no longer present on your system drive that stores your operating system.

All that is present on the system drive now are the operating system and all of your installed  programs. Restoring the system now using a disk we have created from this system  will no longer write over your data. Your data remains up to date and your system can be restored to working order in minutes!.
In addition, Intelligent Solutions makes the process simple. Just turn off the computer, Insert the restore disk in the computer's removable drive bay, then power the computer  back on. In moments, you will be returned back to work as if nothing happened.