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Computer Tutoring


Stop Feeling Lost and Confused

 Do computers and technology scare you? Don’t feel alone. A lot of people feel this way. Let’s face it, many of us did not grow up with them.   If working with computers or technology in general scares you, makes you nervous, or if you find yourself wanting to know but afraid to learn, then let Intelligent Solutions help. 


One on One Personal Instruction With "AnswerManDan"

From understanding the internet, email, smartphones, tablets and just general computer skills, Intelligent Solutions knows how to help. We will sit with you and help breakdown your barriers to understanding in plain simple language and real life examples.


YOU are in the Drivers Seat!

At Intelligent Solutions, we take an entirely different approach to learning. W put YOU in the drivers seat and coach you step by step, over and over if necessary until you feel comfortable. We take the notes for you so you can concentrate on learning and doing.

We love to teach...we'd love to help.