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Anyone that is involved in Real Estate, from Realtors to appraisers know that time is money. The outcome of a potential purchase, sale or refinance can be very time sensitive. Rates change every day, as do house prices and tons of other factors that affect the outcome of a potential sale, purchase or refinance. It is important to be able to “strike when the iron is hot” Lock the loan rate, close the sale and create a happy customer. 

A slow or inefficient office can get in the way of getting this done. So many aspects of real estate involve the use of computers. Many key programs are accessed online and many others are setup locally in your office. If your system is outdated, or slow, you will find yourself working twice as hard just to keep up.


Here To Help YOU!

Intelligent Solutions has years of experience in Real Estate.  We can manage not only the software that runs on your computers but the computers and the network as well!  We can look at your office, computers and network and help you become more efficient. Take away roadblocks and barriers that are making you simply work too hard by: 

  • Fixing that slow computer or replacing it with a faster one designed to work better for your industry 
  • Creating or improving a network if you are a business that uses multiple employees
  •  Designing a central point of storage for your data
  • Integrating remote access to your office via your laptop, home computer or cell phone
  • Integrating cloud solutions.
  • Adding multiple monitors 



These are just a few of the many possibilities we have to offer.  Check out some of the informative articles on our blog on the home page involving automation and efficiency. Intelligent Solutions can help your work smarter, faster and with less effort while at the same time getting a lot more done!