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Continuous Ink System (CIS) Printers

Ink Cartridges

Save On Printer Ink!

Today, printers are typically very inexpensive. You can now buy a printer for under $100.

This is because the printer manufacturers are counting on you spending hundreds of dollars on ink. They practically give away the printer but they get rich selling you cartridges with almost no ink. A typical cartridge can run anywhere from $35 to $150. A complete set may easily go over $100!

Because of this expense, most people go out of their way to try an d never print. 

There is a more Intelligent  Solution...

Continuous Ink System Printer

Continuous Ink System

Continuous Ink Systems use an auxilliary tank to feed ink into the printer, eliminating the need to constantly replace cartridges. Bulk ink can be purchased at a significantly lower cost which will provide up 10 times present in a set of standard cartridges. 

Continous Ink System Pre-Filled Ink Cartridge

Print What You Want On YOUR Terms!

Because you get so much more ink in a CIS system, you no longer need to  worry about printing in color.  You print what you want when you want.  When you finally do need more ink, you simply pop the rubber stopper off of the reservoir and re-fill from an easy pour bulk ink bottle. You are back in action in seconds and there is no need to travel to a store or order more cartidges online.