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 Have you ever been working on your computer and strange things start to happen? You try to go to one website and instead end up somewhere else? Are you constantly faced with pop up windows and warnings on your computer screen? Or has something happened recently and you cannot even get your computer to work?” 

 If any of those are happening to you, chances are that your computer may have been infected with a virus or malware. 



Viruses and malware attack your computer and take the control away from you. Why are there viruses and malware? Hard to say. Hard to know why some people find it so amusing. In some cases it could be a ploy to try and get you to purchase some fake software to remove the infection.  If you decide to buy this fake software it usually ends up with your credit card number being taken when you try to “purchase” the  software. Now the thief has your personal information. Identity theft effects millions of people world wide every year. Ensuring your computer is fully protected and rid of nasty programs out to steal from you or your company is crucial.


At Intelligent Solutions we are experts at virus and malware removal. We’re also able to take preemptive steps to help make sure you don’t get a virus or malware to begin with. We can teach you how to be more cautious and prepared and provide you with the steps to take if you ever do happen to have a virus or some harmful malware. Our highly skilled team of computer repair specialists can install innovative and state-of-the art tools that help keep these attackers at bay preemptively by maintaining an up-to-date list of potential threats.


The Intelligent Choice

 Leave it to the proven experts at Intelligent Solutions to help you get rid of any and all viruses and malware disrupting your personal freedom and attempting to steal your valuable information. We’re the experts to call and to get your computer back up and running safely and in your control.

Call us today at (760) 473-4070 for computer virus and malware removal and get back your peace of mind! No matter what time of day or where you live, Intelligent Solutions is completely mobile and also offers remote access support to assist you anytime and anywhere in San Marcos and North County San Diego California.

“We’re the intelligent choice”.