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Court Reporters Computer Support


As a court reporter, the information you collect is vital. There is no room or time for error. You are working in an environment where the data you collect can have a profound effect on others. You must have speed, reliability, accuracy and backup.  Downtime is unacceptable and could cause you to lose important clients and jobs. Therefore the equipment you use must always be running at peak performance.  When transcribing the data you need an environment that allows you to be as productive as possible so that you can meet the timelines and demands of your clients



At Intelligent Solutions, we have helped many court reporters maximize reliability and efficiency. Through the use of innovative ideas such as multiple monitors for use with transcriptions, to multi-level backup strategies, we know what it takes to prepare you for this high paced and often stressful job. We can insure that your equipment is always working and that you  are always working as effectively as possible. In your business there is enough stress without the worry of technology. Let Intelligent Solutions help you succeed and gain the confidence you need to work in this demanding field.